2016. What Is In Store For Us?

I think Chris and I would agree that we are not very sanguine about the future of the United States.  There are many troubling signs, all of them hard to overlook, that point to the further decline and eventual death of the "great experiment" of Constitutional Republicanism.  True, there are heartening signs as well.  At least on the conservative side of the nation anger at the behavior in Washington has risen to the point that the two strongest contenders for the Republican nomination are both consistent critics of the actions of both parties.  Predicting elections is very difficult to do, and I believe this one will be even more difficult to predict.  We are not in a period of politics as usual.  Something very profound is occuring in the country.  What its impact will be is hard to predict.  Have enough Americans awakened that this election will throw out the bums on both sides of the aisle?  Or will the status quo continue to erode what little remains of America?

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