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2016. What Is In Store For Us?

I think Chris and I would agree that we are not very sanguine about the future of the United States.  There are many troubling signs, all of them hard to overlook, that point to the further decline and eventual death of the "great experiment" of Constitutional Republicanism.  True, there are heartening signs as well.  At least on the conservative side of the nation anger at the behavior in Washington has risen to the point that the two strongest contenders for the Republican nomination are both consistent critics of the actions of both parties.  Predicting elections is very difficult to do, and I believe this one will be even more difficult to predict.  We are not in a period of politics as usual.  Something very profound is occuring in the country.  What its impact will be is hard to predict.  Have enough Americans awakened that this election will throw out the bums on both sides of the aisle?  Or will the status quo continue to erode what little remains of America?

As a Christian, I have the comfort of knowing that I can trust in God and not have to worry about the future.  That does not mean that everything will always be smooth sailing, but it does mean that I can lean on Him to carry me through whatever difficulties may arise.  As a veteran, however, it breaks my heart to see what is happening to America.  

The morals of the nation have degraded so far in my lifetime that I don't even recognize the country any more.  In what universe does it make sense to allow men into women's bathrooms?  Yet we are told that not allowing this is phobic.  Teenagers text naked pictures back and forth and everyone just shakes their heads.  Schools teach very young children about sex and even that homosexuality is normal.  (The last time I checked something that 4% of a population engage in is not normal.  The 96% is normal.  The 4% is abnormal.)  Actors and acrtresses routinely expose themselve in movies and similate sexual acts that remind me more of rutting pigs than the loving embrace of a married couple.  Sex outside of marriage is expected now rather than discouraged, and children are an inconvenience to be eliminated through abortion rather than a gift from God to be celebrated.  Teenagers delight in rioting and beating people up.  Politicians engage in affairs, commit criminal acts and ignore their solemn oaths, and the response of the public is that everybody does it while they re-elect the same scoundrels to office..

Somehow socialism has become acceptable, as if the deaths of more than 200 million people at the hands of socialists in the past 100 years have meant nothing.  The world has become all about me and what I want.  Not only is America claimed to be not worth fighting for, many people now believe that America is the source of all evil in the world.  College students protest that the famous Bing Crosby song "White Christmas" is racist, apparently completely unaware that the white refers to snow rather than skin color.  And since when did white skin color automatically become racist anyway?  Activist "leaders" advocate attacking the police and killing them, as if that is a sane thing to do much less that it would solve anything.

Meanwhile, in Washington our so-called leaders spend not only our inheritance but those of our children and grandchildren, sprinkle money on illegla aliens bringing diseases and terror to our soil like candy while kicking our veterans to the curb like so much old trash, pander to terrorists while refusing to protect their own constituents and make deals with people who scream "Death to America!  Death to the Great Satan!"  These are terrifying times to those who have no anchor of faith to hold onto.  Were it not for God, I would be terrified too.

It is foolhardy indeed to put your faith in men.  They will always disappoint you sooner or later.  But if America is to have any chance of surviving as a Constitutional Republic where your rights are honored not in their breach but in their vigilant protection, it is incumbant upon Americans to take the upcoming election seriously.  We only have one chance left to get this right.  Whom we choose, for each office we vote for, will make the difference between America possibly surviving and America declining into destruction.  What comes out on the other side will not be something Americans will like, no matter what their political beliefs, because the Constitution, and therefore their rights, will no longer be honored.  Since both parties have abandoned the Constitution

If you are a Christian, you should begin now (if you haven't already) praying fervently for America every day.  The Bible says, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."  If you are not a Christian, then spend your time searching for men and women to vote for that will uphold the Constitution.  There are precious few, but they can make a difference.  Now is not the time for politicians.  Now is the time for patriots.  Now is the time to vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.  We don't need progressive leaders.  We don't need Republican leaders.  We need Consttitutional leaders.  We need Americans who still believe in freedom to rise up, go to the polls in overwhelming numbers and reject the present course in no uncertain terms.