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Welcome to HeritageAndVirtue.com

This website is a blog dedicated to keeping alive common sense, common virtues, American heritage, and to documenting the decline of my beloved country under the insidious influence of progressivism. The author belongs to no political party, and describes himself as a "Liberative Conservatarian" who is moved to both tears and anger observing what has become of his country; and he misses the old ways.

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The Stench of Privilege

holstered 1911America is supposed to be a nation without classes.  "All men are created equal" is a well-known phrase that describes what our country is supposed to be about.  Unfortunately, it's human nature to seek to gain an advantage over your fellow man, and America is no different than any other country in that regard.

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Clearing the Air (MH17 Shootdown)

The shoot down of Malaysian Air flight 17 by Ukrainian rebels is a perfect example of what happens when you arm rebels with sophisticated systems, without training them in the use of those systems. It isn’t enough to know how to “pull a trigger”. ANY idiot can do that. But to take the firearms analogy even further, the 4 basic rules of firearms safety are:

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An Observation about Precedence

Good morning my peeps. Despite my political inclinations in one direction, I still have friends who incline in other ways. I want to say right up top that I am no longer a republican, nor a democrat. I am a libertarian-leaning conservative independent who holds political parties in general in suspicion, and the republican and democrat parties in particular in something bordering on contempt. As one of my friends puts it, I am a Liberative Conservatarian. 

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Journalism and Politics

I believe that the "honest reporter" still exists out there in the American hinterland.... "flyover country".... but too many of them lose sight of what it means to "report" (or they never had it to begin with) when they get to Washington DC. At some point, "getting access", which is necessary to their profession, becomes "getting cozy".

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